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Guido Verhoef, CBA
From the Netherlands

The Decorator of the Future
January 7, 2007


Guido Lorna Lorinda" Lorinda & Lorna, Thank you so much for all your kindness and having me teach at Continental. It was a great pleasure getting to know you both, I really enjoyed our conversations and admire the way you run your business. You are doing a great job. Hope to see you again, Guido Verhoef "

Class Summary

Guido Square   Guido BallGuido started off the class with basic information on LINK-O-LOONS®. The latex is much improved from when it was first introduced to the U.S. market. The product is now made by Sempertex in Columbia and distributed in the U.S. market under the Betallatex line. Using the LINK-O-LOON® knot allows for easy untying, a great idea when making a logo, just in case. He demonstrated a basic arch, the ball and square.  Once stabalized with 5" Rounds it is amazing how sturdy these structures are.

LINK-O-LOONS® provide an easy attachment point. This arch was made with 3 rounds and one LINK-O-LOON® in the quad. The LINK-O-LOON® provided the attachment point to add the small quad and heart.

Guido Column Making a cluster of 5 LINK-O-LOONS® make the bottom and top of this column. The base of the column is a cluster of 5 LINK-O-LOONS® with a down-sized LINK-O-LOON® tied in between each of the cluster to make a dome shape. The colum is alternating size rounds. The top layer is a cluster of 5 LINK-O-LOONS® with a string of  18 6" LINK-O-LOONS® tied to the tips - 3 6" LINK-O-LOONS® between each tip. The 3' and 5" Love Doves are part of Continental's Private Reserve Collection.

Guido Ballet The ballet dancer's skirt is also made from a cluster of 5 LINK-O-LOONS® with a strand of 18 6" LINK-O-LOONS® connecting every 3 balloons. The rest of the body is made for clusters of 4 rounds. Guido feels that since no one will notice that you did the rounds in 4's instead of 5's, why go to the extra work.  The cluster where the arms are attached uses 2 LINK-O-LOONS® in the cluster for attachment points. A strand of 6" LINK-O-LOONS® is added to make the arms. Guido also uses 6" LINK-O-LOONS® to make arms on his Oscar Statues to give them a nice thin look.

 Guido WallThe LINK-O-LOON® wall is horizontal and vertical strands of LINK-O-LOONS® woven together. It is stabilized with duplets at each intersection and each hole in the grid.

The most exciting concept that Guido taught is the ability to use LINK-O-LOONS® to make three dimensional sturctures. Three dimensional stuctures have typically been built using non-round balloons and the weaving technique. LINK-O-LOONS® work exactly the same way. Make circles of strands of LINK-O-LOONS®. Once you determine how many LINK-O-LOONS® to put in a circle each circle you stack on top will have the same number of LINK-O-LOONS® in it. Just vary the size to make the shape larger or smaller. Then use strands of LINK-O-LOONS® to weave the vertical lines and fill up the space between each circle. Just like in the wall, but it is now three dimensional. Vary the size of the vertical strands of LINK-O-LOONs to fill the space between each circle. The whole structure is then stabilized with duplets of rounds at each intersection.  Guido demonstrated this technique by making a Rabbit in a Top Hat and a Vase. The Vase becomes even more dramatic with a light in the bottom. The rabbit has 660B arms and ears. If you want a 660B to have a bend in it be sure to put the bend in as it is being inflated. The rabbit head can be made many ways, two alternatives are shown.Guido Top Hat    Rabbit Close   Guido Good Top Hat Balloon Vase    Balloon Vase lighted    Guido Lion Front      Guido Lion Side

   Guido also made a cute Lion. The face is made from a 6" Heart Cat Face White stuffed inside of a 6" Citrine Heart. The base is a LINK-O-LOON® with an apple twist.

Instructor Bio
     Guido, born in the Netherlands, attended the European School for Performing Arts and Bont’s International Clown school.  He started working as a clown and balloon artist in 1993. In 1995 he started his own entertainment company called Manifold.  The company specializes is training artists in the Netherlands, France, Spain, Belgium and Germany.
     In 2002 he expanded his company to include innovative and unique balloon decoration. Their décor encompasses everything from basic elements to very high end décor.  Their décor and unique acts are designed for large company-events and shows.  Guido’s talent is offering the complete package to his clients.  He covers all the elements the event needs to be successful.  To date they have arranged over 4000 performances most of which include balloon decor.
     Guido has won European Balloon Entertainer of the year 2001, First Place Large Sculpture 2001 Austin, TX, and set the record for the World's Largest Balloon Tunnel Brussels 2005.
     A significant part of Guido’s décor work is done with LINK-O-LOON®  and he has built an internati  onal reputation as the innovator of new concepts with LINK-O-LOON®.
     Besides the work as Creative Director every year Guido enjoys doing over 200 performances and workshops himself.

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Latex Balloon Warning: Choking Hazard. Children under 8 years can choke or suffocate on uninflated or broken balloons. Adult supervision required. Keep uninflated balloons from children. Discard broken balloons at once.

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