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Catalog - Connect-a-Dot Instructions

This product is not presently available in the United States.

The newest, most innovative, product in years!

Connect-A-Dot was first introduced in the United States by Continental Sales in 2004.

Continental Sales started investigating this product in the fall of 2003. We were so impressed, we imported it ourselves from Brazil. We knew the decorator market needed Connect-a-Dot! Now the product is available from Pioneer Balloon Company in coordinating colors.

What is so great about Connect-a-Dot? Connect-a-Dot can handle huge temperature changes required for outside decor and won't oxidize. Connect-a-Dot can be made into shapes and structures with little or no framing. You no longer have to turn down jobs that want outdoor decor. Be the first to wow your customers with Connect-a-Dot!

The Dot Shape is a 14" Round with 4 tabs. Watch the instructions for how to inflate. Notice when he demonstrates over-inflating the balloon, that it gets larger and larger, but does not pop. This is why it handles outside temperature changes so well!

How to inflate Video

This plastic must be stretched thin to tie securely. If you have problems with leaking, most likely problems are not stretching the plastic thin enough not not tying the knot in the stretched section.

How to tie Connect-a-Dot Video

Connect the Dots into panels that are rigid and can be used to contruct shapes. You can cut off extra tabs as long as it's not the one that seals the balloon.

Independent shape Video

The Connector is a diamond shape that can be used with the Dot to create interesting designs.

Shape 1 with Dot and Connector Video

Shape 2 with Dot and Connector Video

Plans for letters and numbers.

Examples of decor made in Brazil from Connect-a-Dot Video.

New Year's Eve Explosions

Summer Balloon Camp 2005 Connect-a-Dots Class

Connect-a-Dot Experiment August 2004

Our goal with the following experiment was to see how well this product would survive. Here is the experiment.

Black dots and silver metallic connectors were inflated with a precision air inflator. The first couple of each were of varying sizes until I decided what setting I was going to use for the rest. All of the inflated product was used. A total of 15 black dots and 8 silver metallic connectors were inflated.

They were tied together into a wall pattern. They were put in my backyard tied to a redwood decking fence with two attachment points. The panel slid up and down on the posts. It also received full sun from about 10 am till sunset. Temperature was about 70 Saturday morning when I put them up with a high that day of 99. In the last 12 days highs have been from high 90's to 106 with lows in the high 50's to low 60's.

When it is cool in the mornings the dots look soggy. As it gets warmer they perk back up. Two of the black dots are now permanently soggy after the high of 106 on 8/12/04. But I think the two that did the most stretching were the two that I had inflated slightly larger than the rest, but used anyway. The connectors look basically fine anytime. The two dots that have rubbed up and down on the redwood posts have lost their paint where they rubbed and are now clear in that spot, but still inflated.

None have popped in 12 days! A lot of potential for long term outdoor applications!

Latex Balloon Warning: Choking Hazard. Children under 8 years can choke or suffocate on uninflated or broken balloons. Adult supervision required. Keep uninflated balloons from children. Discard broken balloons at once.

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